Nurse Clinics

The Warren House Veterinary Group offer FREE Nurse Clinics at all of their branches. These clinics are held by fully qualified nurses, who will run a full comprehensive health examination on your animal completely free of charge.

We also offer a wide range of specialist nurse clinics to assist you with the following areas:

Weight & Nutritional advice

Over feeding, excess treats, lack of exercise and neutering can all contribute to unwanted weight gain for your pet. This in turn can lead to diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure. Talk to our nurses for advice and guidance to help maintain a healthy weight for your pet.


Puppy and Kitten Clinics

As well as giving your pet the opportunity to build confidence in a surgery environment, we can help you with diet, insurance, training, flea treatment, worming, neutering, basic daily checks and micro-chipping.


Senior Pets

Like humans, your pet can develop ailments as they age. Within the clinic you will be offered some diagnostic tests to give our veterinary staff more in-depth view of your pets health to help them live a long,healthy life.
Dentistry and Oral Health

The Veterinary team here are dedicated to help clients maintain their pets happy, healthy mouth, giving advice on cleaning and diet.


Fleas, Ticks and Worms

Flea and worming treatment plays a key role in the wellness of your pet. Our nurses can assist with administering medication. For a small cost we can also remove ticks for you.


Small Furries

More information coming soon